Kettering School Superintendent Acquiesces To Teacher’s Union Concerning 2011 Start Of School Date

Kettering School Superintendent, Dr. Jim Schoenlein, writes, in his March 26 memo to the Kettering Board, that, although he prefers an earlier start to the 2011 school year, he is recommending to the board that Kettering keep the original starting date. His memo explains that the Kettering Education Association president, Melissa Gallagher, “said that the KEA would be disgruntled if, two years in a row, the school calendar was changed after the KEA agreed.” Schoenlein indicates that although the KEA objected to an earlier start in the 2011 school year, the union agreed to an earlier start in the 2012 school year.

Schoenlein wanted school to start a week earlier than originally planned to give students more instructional time before the state tests. He writes to the Kettering Board: “Even though I believe moving as many days as possible ahead of testing definitely benefits the district test scores, I don’t think it is worth creating animosity with the KEA to get five more days ahead of testing, when we can accomplish the same thing a year later with no hard feelings. Hope you agree.”

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