Eulogy For My Friend: Rosie Hardin

Rosie Hardin

Rosie Hardin

Rosie Hardin passed away this last Monday.  She was born in May and her middle name was Mae. This next birthday, she would have been 95. Her services will be on Saturday. You may read her obituary here: George Martin Funeral Home

When Rosie was in the nursing home in Vandalia, she had one big worry. Rosie wanted to go home and one big reason was that every day she fed a squirrel on her back porch. She made a pet of that squirrel and named him “Hoppy.” She said he was very ornery.  When she was in the nursing home in Vandalia she was worried about Hoppy. She knew that squirrel loved her and counted on her and she loved that squirrel too.

Rosie loved animals. She loved plants and flowers. She loved children. She loved people. She loved her family. She loved me. And I’m sure she loved everyone in this room.

I enjoyed visiting Rosie — in her warmth and love, she reminded me a lot of my mom. One day I decided to tell Rosie that she had come to mean a lot to me. As I was preparing to go, I took her hand and said loudly, so I was sure she could hear, “I love you Rosie” and she said “I love you too.” And she gave me a big hug.  I tried to visit every week and every time after that day, that is how we said goodbye.

Rosie thought a lot about God. She wondered what heaven will be like. She talked about the great supper in heaven and wondered what the food would be like. Will we have bodies up there? Would she have a chance to fish? Could she sew something beautiful that God could wear?

Rosie loved to tell about the nice times she and Cecil had when they went fishing. She enjoyed catching the fish, but she never liked to eat fish. She repeated many times that she was so happy that Pastor Paul had helped Cecil to be saved and she was looking forward to seeing Cecil in heaven. She talked about the last cigarette she smoked and how she became so happy when she accepted Jesus. She marveled, “What do people do who do not have Jesus in their lives? How can they get along without Him?”

Rosie pondered the idea that God is spirit. She asked me, “Will we see God?”  I thought about it and finally told her:  Yes Rosie —  Jesus told us that “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God,” and, I told her: Rosie you are pure in heart.

In Rosie, I saw Christ — pure in heart, full of love —

Rosie, I’m so happy that we became friends and I’m so happy that we will meet again. In my spirit, I can hear you answering me back one more time when I say:    I love you Rosie

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