Does ABC News Want To Torpedo Hillary Clinton’s Chance To Become Secretary of State?

You’ve got to wonder if someone at ABC News wants to undermine the possibility that Hillary Clinton’s might become Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.   On ABC last night in prime time the famous video of Bill Clinton was once again shown of Bill wagging his finger and saying, “I did not have sex with that woman …”   The video clip was played on ABC Evening News with Charlie Gibson as part of a longer story.

The Clinton video appeared as part of a story about the pro golfer J.P. Hayes. This golfer did a remarkable thing that speaks volumes about his character.  Hayes reported a technical breach of rules known only to himself.  And, for his honesty he had to pay a price.  His action effectively disqualified him from the PGA tour.

This story about J.P. Hayes is a great story, because it is a great parable about character and it challenges listeners, particularly fellow golfers, to  imagine, “In the same predicament, what would I do?”   The point of ABC showing Bill Clinton wagging his finger and telling his infamous lie, I guess, was to show how character impacts behavior.  But ABC in this story didn’t include video of George W. Bush telling any of his whoppers.

I’m not a Bill Clinton fan, and I opposed Hilary’s quest for the Democrat’s nomination for president, mainly because of the Bill factor.   It is the Bill factor,  if anything, that will torpedo the possibility of Hillary being named Secretary of State.  So, the conspiracy theorist is me makes me wonder who made the editorial decision to include the Bill Clinton wagging finger video at this point, and if this action was specifically designed to bring the Bill factor to prominence.

Bill Clinton is a sharp mind and has detailed understanding of world politics.   He made an heroic effort at the end of his administration to broker a new deal between the Palestinians and Israel, and, by many reports, came close to closing the deal, before running out of time.  I imagine he is anxious to renew the effort, and if he could help his wife broker a deal, it would be quite a feather in both their caps.  Bill Clinton, I believe, could be a huge asset in helping to negotiate an Israel / Palestinian accord that would successfully produce a two nation reality.

Of course, not everybody wants a two nation state to emerge, and, instead, envision a quite different future for the middle east, and for Israel.  I’ve got to wonder if there is a contingent who is seeking to block Hillary’s ascent to the position of Secretary of State because they fear that Hillary, with Bill’s help, might actually become too effective, might succeed too much — particularly in matters that will impact Israel.

It is my prediction that if given the chance, Hillary will make a great Secretary of State and will do so, in part, because Bill Clinton will do everything in his power to help her be successful.  Why wouldn’t he?

For ABC News to show the video once again of Bill wagging his finger to me seems overdone and unnecessary.  In its timing and in its context, it seems likely to me, ABC’s actions is part of a deliberate campaign to derail Hillary’s chance to become Secretary of State. There could be a lot of possible motives to do so.

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