Dear Neighbors: This Election Is Not About Personalities — It is About Stopping A Dangerous Republican Party

I have modest goals. Kettering has over forty precincts. I hope to distribute my letter in only the precinct where I live. My goal is for my precinct to make a good showing for the Democratic candidates and to have an outstanding turn-out of registered voters.

I have prepared a letter, 647 words, one page both sides — lots of information that I hope is not too much to be read. My goal is to print this one page and to distribute it to the voters in my precinct — Kettering 4-K. This is what it says:

Dear Neighbors In Precinct Kettering 4-K

This is the first time I’ve written and distributed a letter to all of the voters in my precinct and I have lived at 3808 LeFevre Dr for 45 years!


About this election, I’m sure many of you have made up your minds. I have. This note is for those who are still undecided and, especially, for those who are not sure whether, or not, you even want to vote.


I’m making this effort — and wearing out my printer — because I fear what is coming. The best hope to save our republic is that rank-and-file citizens will become awakened voters, and this note is my effort to influence voter in the precinct where I live.


My message is that all citizens of good will — especially citizens who usually vote Republican — should reject the Republican Party as it is today. I grew up in a Republican home. My Mom and Dad stayed true to Nixon to the very end. The change from the Eisenhower Republican Party to the Trump Republican Party has been astonishing and, I’m afraid, the trend points to a terrible future. I fear what is coming.


Trump is trying to ride his Big Lie back to power. The Big Lie is that the 2020 election was stolen from him and that he was stabbed in the back — by leftists, Democrats, devil worshipers, etc. Trump keeps repeating and exaggerating his lies and grievances. This is a dangerous man. He has shown how it can happen here that a “Dear Leader,” a Fuhrer, could arise in America as part of an authoritarian nationalist “Christian” movement.  Rank-and-file Republicans must reject Republican radicalism and bring the Republican Party back to the mainstream.


    • Reject the election denier Republican J.D. Vance. Vote against Vance.
    • Reject the loyal Republican incumbent, Michael Turner. Vote against Turner.
    • Reject the the radical actions of the Ohio House.Vote against Andrea White.


This election is not about personalities. I’ve met Andrea White, our Ohio House incumbent, and she is a nice person. But, she is a nice person who reliably votes with the radical super-majority in the Ohio Assembly. White voted for:


    • A “Constitution Carry” law.Now, everyone in Ohio is welcome to carry a concealed gun, without training, and without registration.
    • A tax give-away to the wealthy. White voted to reduce Ohio income taxes by $1 billion each year — The richest 1% of taxpayers on average will save $5400 each year in taxes. The bottom 80% of taxpayers will save about $45.

ADDISON CURUSO would be a good replacement for Andrea Whitein the Ohio House. Addison is a good-hearted 26 year old who graduated with honors from Duke School of Law and is now working at a non-profit as an advocate for the poor.


TIM RYAN would make a great US senator.J.D. Vance won the Republican Primary by championing Trump’s Big Lie and getting Trump’s endorsement. We are in big trouble if we empower election deniers.


DAVID ESRATI would keepKevin McCarthy from becoming Speaker of the U.S. House. McCarthy has threatened that, as Speaker, he will use his majority to default on the US debt — UNLESS President Biden agrees to spending cuts, including cuts in Social Security and Medicare.


STEVE ABSHIRE would make a wonderful Juvenile Court judge. Steve is a long-time friend of mine andhas been preparing for this opportunity his whole life.


My message is that all citizens with a deep concern about the future of our republic — especially established Republican voters — should reject the candidates of today’s radicalized Republican Party. You can disagree and we can still be good neighbors and friends. I’d like to start a Kt 4-K Civic Community. Send me an email and I’ll explain. Finally, if you are considering not voting, please reconsider. I hope it will help to know that you have a neighbor who really, really, cares and is encouraging you to vote.


Sincerely,  Mike Bock

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  1. Terrell Shaw says:

    I share your concern for the future. Thank you for doing your part to preserve our republic.

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