Mike Bock, Jyl Hall and Tony Hall

What a nice surprise this afternoon to discover that Jyl Hall — candidate seeking election to Kettering’s City Council — was campaigning on my street. Jyl was accompanied by her father, Tony Hall — our representative to the U.S. Congress from1979 to 2002  and then United States Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture. See: Tony Hall Tells Democrats To Remember Mother Teresa’s Words: “Do The Thing That Is In Front Of You”

I shook Congressman Hall’s hand and thanked him for his career as our congressman and thanked him for his work to help feed the hungry of the world. I asked if they would wait until I could run into the house and get my camera — and they said “Sure.” 

I’ve already thrown the entire weight of DaytonOS behind Jyl’s campaign — endorsing both her and the incumbent seeking reelection, Jacque Fisher.  You can read the article here. I’m especially enthusiastic to support Jyl because she earned a Master’s and PhD from Asbury Theological Seminary — in Wilmore, Ky. — adjacent to my alma mater, Asbury University.

Jyl Hall and Tony Hall in front of my house.

There are three candidates for the two “at-large” positions and the third candidate is Joseph Patak. I hope he doesn’t win. One reason I hope Patak loses is because I’ve contacted him three times and he has refused to respond.  If he is ignoring me when he is seeking election, I imagine he will ignore me when elected. The second reason I hope he loses is because a look at his Facebook page shows he is far far out of the mainstream.  Read my article:CONSERVATIVE Candidate For Kettering Council, Boasts That A Crackpot Propagandist — David Barton — “Is One Of My Heroes”

Anyway, what a nice surprise today. Jyl is campaigning hard. She has my vote. Jyl, I know, would be a good influence and provide positive leadership on the Council. I hope that Kettering voters will support her. So nice to have the opportunity to briefly visit with Jyl Hall, her husband, and Tony Hall today.