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Government Orders Insurers to File More Suits


The U.S. government is pressuring insurance companies to file more lawsuits.  Insurance companies who participate in the Government Employee Health Benefit Program (GEHBP) are sending letters to all of their customers who have had medical expenses paid for by the insurance company if the medical treatment was made necessary by an injury.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) manages the GEHBP on behalf of most federal employees and retirees.  It’s the program by which the federal government buys insurance for its employees.  The government pays a fixed amount of the insurance premium, regardless of which insurance company the employee chooses.  The employee pays the rest of the premium, paying more if the employee desires higher levels of coverage.

OPM has directed all insurance companies that participate in the program to ask all of their injured customers if there is anyone the insurance company could possibly sue to recover at least part of the cost of paying for the customer’s medical treatment.  The letters come with a form to fill out that asks for the names and addresses of everyone (individuals and companies) who could possibly be sued in connection with the injuries.

Obviously, trial lawyers will greatly benefit from this government directive.  Insurance companies may gain on one end but lose on the other.  The health insurance division of companies will receive money at the expense of the auto, homeowners’, and other liability insurance divisions of the companies.  Companies that specialize in health insurance will gain, while companies that sell only liability insurance will be forced to pay.

Individuals will also be targeted by these government-mandated lawsuits.  People and businesses who either have no insurance or insufficient insurance to cover the injuries for which they will be held liable in these suits will be forced to pay.


The Truth About Energy/Climate: Sponsored by the Dayton Tea Party

The Dayton Tea Party with Ohio Liberty Council  and Cincinnati Tea Party cordially invites the public to hear the truth about climate change and meeting America’s energy needs at the Ohio Energy and Climate Conference, Saturday, February 6, at Miami University’s Middletown campus, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.  Guests from the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, and the Institute for Energy Research will discuss current and future policy, the science of climate change and energy sources, and practical applications of energy sources with a focus on nuclear energy.

America’s best and brightest energy experts are included in the speaker lineup:

  • Ben Lieberman, Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation
  • Patrick Michaels, Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies at the Cato Institute
  • Mary Hutzler, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Energy Research
  • William Tucker, author of Terrestrial Energy

Consider these facts:

  • Climate change is a natural occurrence.  The slight increase in temperature observed since 1900 is entirely consistent with well-established, long-term natural climate cycles.
  • The biggest climate change ever experienced on the earth took place about 700 million years ago.
  • After World War II, there was a huge surge in recorded carbon dioxide emissions, but global temperatures fell for four decades after 1940.
  • There is no scientific or statistical evidence that global warming will cause more storms or other weather extremes.
  • Man-made carbon dioxide emissions throughout human history constitute less than 0.00022 percent of the total naturally emitted from the earth’s mantle during geologic history.


The Ohio Energy and Climate Conference is sponsored by the Ohio Liberty Council’s Cincinnati Tea Party, Cincinnati 9/12 Project, and Dayton Tea Party.


Dave Finkelman Auditorium

4200 North University Blvd.

Middletown, OH  45042

Local:        (513) 727-3200

Toll free:    (800) 662-2262


Only 750 tickets will be sold.  Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at  The full ticket price is tax deductible (American Junto is a 501(c)(3) organization).

Ohio Liberty Council

The Cincinnati Tea Party

The Cincinnati 9/12 Project

The Dayton Tea Party     


Recruiting young people

It’s been noticed that there aren’t many young people at the Tea Party meetings. That’s a bit odd, since young people have the most to lose! Problem is, most of them have been brainwashed by the de-education system. They’re not just not allowed to think for themselves, they’re being rendered UNABLE to think for themselves! They’ve been trained to just mindlessly follow the herd.

Here’s an article that might help. It’s designed to be printed out and given to friends at school (not during class, of course!) or sent to them online.

Young People Have The Most To Lose

Do you ever get the vague feeling that the public schools are manipulating you? That’s because they are!

It goes FAR beyond them just forcing you to attend! It goes into WHAT they teach you, and what they DON’T teach you!

The public schools were designed right from the start to NOT give you a complete education! “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto describes it all in detail. (You can Google the book title or the author name to find the info.)

The schools were designed right from the beginning to NOT teach you your rights in the Constitution! NOT teach you how to be self-sufficient so you can be ABLE to live free! NOT teach you how to think critically so you can see how MUCH the politicians are manipulating you!

Instead, the schools teach you to just blindly follow the crowd, and blindly follow the “experts” (of course THEY tell you who the experts are!) They teach you to NOT think for yourself!

The teacher’s union enforces the policy. The union pressures the teachers to teach you to blindly support socialist politicians. In return, the socialist politicians reward the union with higher pay, job security, and creating lots of cushy jobs in the education bureaucracy.

Public schools are a DEHUMANIZING institution! They were designed to be! They teach you to just blindly do as you’re told, like you’re just a bunch of sheep or cattle! They teach you to NOT use your UNIQUELY HUMAN power of reasoning!

They teach you to NOT to be the greatest person you can be! Instead, they teach you just enough to be able to do as you’re told, and not even think to ask if you might be capable of anything better!

They teach you to be prejudiced and hateful! They teach you to attack anyone who does not conform to the crowd, which they manipulate! They slander freedom of thought as “hate speech.” They teach you to hate anything old, as if new things are always better.

They teach you to hate American traditions. Traditional American values really ARE “the wisdom of the ages.” When America’s founders designed our government, they were not just making up some grand experiment. They were all well educated; they drew from the experience of thousands of years of history. They included the principles that always work, and they rejected the principles the leftists are ramming down our throats today. It’s all been tried before! It ALWAYS fails!

Public schools deliberately DON’T educate you! They INDOCTRINATE you! They teach you to ignore your parents and your grandparents. That’s because they’ve seen it all before! Your parents and your grandparents know that “change” is really just the same old thing all over again! Only worse!

They can’t fool your grandparents anymore! So they try to fool you! Don’t let them win! Don’t just blindly believe everything they tell you! THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Read good books and articles! Get for yourself the good education the public schools DON’T want you to have!

There are MANY thousands of websites with enormous amounts of free reading material to make you smart. You can Google terms like “conservative” “column” “freedom” and “patriot” to find plenty of articles. “Conservative” and “book” will point you to lots of great books. Reading just a few of them will make you FAR smarter than the schools would ever want you to be!

Many great books can be had for free online, or reasonably priced at many bookstores. I highly recommend George Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm.” Also search for articles and discussions about these books. “Animal Farm” is an allegory. Government educated readers might not understand the symbolism.

Education is more valuable than all the bling in the world! Not just to “get a good job,” but to possibly be the OWNER of a business! Not just to be able to do what you’re told, but to rise above having to be told what to do!

The government school system tries to make you think you’re smart, but really they want you brainwashed by their foolishness! Don’t let them play you! You probably shouldn’t argue in class, but you NEED to read on your own! Think for yourself! Learn all the things THEY want to keep from you! Realize your full potential, instead of drifting through life as a mind-numbed drone!

I found a website with some articles about public schools. It’s at:

The second article listed, “America’s Failing Public School System,” was written by Ashley Anderson when she was 16. It’s really excellent. In it she mentions a book by Charlotte Iserbyt called “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”. It gives a detailed account of what really happens in public schools, why, and where the corruption comes from.

There’s also a book by Allan Bloom called “The Closing Of The American Mind.” It’s more about the academic dishonesty practiced in many colleges these days.

I’m sure there are many more sites with similar resources. I just haven’t found them yet. If you find any, please feel free to post links to them in your comments.


Why Socialism Is Evil

We normal people wonder why leftists would even WANT to have socialism, considering its always abysmal track record.  Some people are deluded by the propaganda.  Some people LOVE to be seduced by any utopian promise.  And some people just live to mindlessly follow the herd.  They just believe whatever they think is popular at the moment.

Other people, the real movers and shakers behind socialism, have a very different mindset.  They are not dupes, they are con artists!  The real perpetrators of socialism are not herd animals, they are animal herders!  They are not prey, they are predators!

Socialism is rooted in not the higher, human, intellectual side of the mind.  It is rooted in the lower, animal urges part of the mind.  What are the three basic animal urges?  The urge to reproduce, to hoard, and to dominate.  Those three urges are the main motivators of almost all animal behavior in every species – including humans!

The Bible puts it in these terms:  1 John 2:16 speaks of “the lust of flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.”  In short, lust, greed, and pride are just other terms to describe the urges to reproduce, to hoard, and to dominate.

These urges are the best of which animals are capable, since they lack intellect.  Humans, however, ARE capable of intellect!  Some humans even choose to make use of it!  Some people apply intellect to the MEANS of reaching their goals, but never apply it to the goals themselves.  They think a lot about HOW to reach their goals, but allow the choice of their goals to be driven by their basic animal urges – lust, greed, and pride – reproduction, hoarding, and domination.

Justice may be defined as “each individual receiving what would normally be natural result of their own actions.”  (This definition includes the phrase “what would normally be” to account for freak accidents, like the time someone was driving down the street in clear weather, and a tree fell on the vehicle and killed her.)

In most cases, each person receiving what would normally be the natural result of their own actions requires letting people choose their own actions.  There are limits to this choice.  One should not be allowed to attack or steal from another person.  People must not be allowed to inflict injustice on others.

We hear politicians talking about people “yearning for freedom” as if everybody wants freedom.  If EVERYBODY wants freedom, who’s doing all the enslaving?  SOMEBODY is out there doing it!  Everybody wants freedom for THEMSELVES, but some are not willing to allow it for others!

Socialists wish to prevent people from choosing “wrong” actions.  They want to protect people from themselves.  They are not willing to let people choose their own actions and reap the natural rewards or consequences of them. 

What makes socialists any smarter than the people they wish to coerce?  They’re at least as likely as their victims to make wrong choices! Usually MORE so! Socialists impose their will on people of whose situations they have no knowledge!  And they don’t have to live with the consequences!  Their victims do!  In most cases, socialists are acting purely out of their mindless animal urge to dominate!

But they make great efforts to rationalize their domination.  C.S. Lewis left us a great quotation about how socialists make excuses for their coercion:  “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience”.  – C.S. Lewis

It’s the audacity of megalomania: “I will dominate them for their own good!”  That’s a large part of why many academics are leftists.  They want the government to create agencies that give people like themselves powerful jobs forcing everyone to obey their theories.  “Experts” are usually the LAST people on earth to notice when a trend is occurring.  Their studies don’t detect trends until the general population has ALREADY experienced the trend directly!

Academics rarely visit the real world.  They adjust the facts to fit their theories.  A great example is the recent scandal at East Anglia University, a leading promoter of the “global warming” hoax.  In numerous emails to one another, the “scientists” openly admit that the actual data proves their theory false.  The emails discuss how to keep the hoax going anyway.

The fact that some people are willing to coerce others makes government necessary.  One might argue that people have a right to defend themselves.  They certainly do!  But not all have the means!  Government is necessary to protect the rights of the weak as well as the strong.

People have a dimension not found in animals.  They have the ability to be creative.  People may be artists or writers or inventors or builders or producers of any number of products.  Animals can only compete for food and mating rights.  Animals’ virtue (in nature) is based entirely on their strength.  Humans have value in MANY other ways.  A “weak” specimen might have GREAT value in intellect – Stephen Hawking, for example.  A human’s deservingness of being defended goes FAR beyond the individual’s ABILITY to defend himself.

So there HAS to be SOME government.  Anarchy is not an option.  In the absence of government, SOMEBODY will claim to be the government.  The urge to dominate will make them do it.  Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum.  There WILL be some sort of government!  Whether it’s a government of law or of lawlessness, there WILL be a government!  If lawful government would vanish, street gangs would quickly become the new government!

A fact that might not be obvious is that total government (totalitarianism) is very much like NO government (anarchy).  Both situations are a free-for-all!  Both situations are a struggle for domination based entirely on strength and cunning.  Total government writes voluminous laws convoluted enough to rationalize any coercion they wish to impose at any moment, while anarchy simply skips having any law and just coerces.  Either one is a free-for-all that is a nightmare for everyone except the one who is in power.  Everyone lives in terror of him.

And it’s a nightmare for the one in power, too!  He lives in constant fear of all who want to replace him!  Every dictator lives a life of paranoia – even being afraid to go to sleep lest someone kill him so they can take his place!

The urge to dominate is the urge to claim all power for oneself.  One might think that this situation is the best guarantee of the dominator’s well-being.  But, as we have just seen, this situation actually inspires the most serious THREATS to his well-being!

A much better guarantee of one’s well-being is for EVERYONE to understand and respect EVERYONE’S rights!  There will always be some who would rather violate others’ rights as much as they think they can get away with.  But the more a culture is based on mutual respect of everyone’s rights, the fewer there will be who wish to violate them, and the violators will be easier to detect and defeat.  The better everyone understands rights, the harder it is for any thug or con artist to succeed with their schemes!

What rights do people have?  Basically, they have the right to be secure in their own person and property.  They have the right to make whatever they wish with their hands, and to keep it or to trade it for other objects through VOLUNTARY exchange.  BOTH parties have veto power over any exchange.  If either one does not wish to make the exchange, then no trade shall occur.

Property rights are human rights!  Property is an expression of one’s individuality!  Your property is what you make with your hands and what you choose to acquire by trading to others what you made with your hands.  Any system that violates this principle is criminal!  Such a system is an abuse!  Any system that violates private property is dehumanizing!  Such a system reduces humanity to a herd of animals!  Such a system treats sentient beings as if they were mindless resources to be “managed” or disposed of at the tyrant’s will!

Such systems have been promoted with great cunning.  A prime example is John Lennon’s song “Imagine.”  Sung with the sweet, seductive sound of Satan, it conjures in the minds of listeners false, deceptive images of the utter horror such “utopian” systems actually produce!

When “everybody” owns everything, nobody owns anything!  Except for the few who manage to manipulate the levers of power – they own everything!  And EVERYBODY!

The best guarantee of everyone’s well-being is for every individual to own and control (as much as possible) the means of their own sustenance.  The best guarantee of everyone’s well-being is for each person to have direct control over everything they need to maintain their own well-being!  Property and power should be distributed as widely as possible.  As much as possible, every person should have control of everything they need.  Left to themselves, people will voluntarily produce or trade for everything they need.

Socialists SAY they want to “spread the wealth,” but they actually collect all the wealth and power to themselves!  Many socialists denounce the evils of monopolies (and rightly so!) but then they propose as a “remedy” the ULTIMATE monopoly – an all-powerful central government!

When I was in school it was said that “communism is a good idea in theory but somehow just doesn’t work out in practice.”  That’s not really true!  Anything that always works out so horrifically bad in practice can NOT be based on a sound theory!  And so it is with communism!  The flaw in the theory is the claim that some self-appointed cabal of “experts” is wiser and more just than the people.  This is obviously false!

The self-appointed “experts” are certainly not more just than the average person!  In fact, it is always the most RUTHLESS people who seize power through communism.  The whole system is based entirely on the VIOLATION of basic human rights!  Bad seed can never produce good fruit!  You cannot plant poison ivy and expect to reap good lettuce for your salad!  Likewise, you cannot plant coercion and expect to ever reap anything but brutality!

Communism ALWAYS produces a bloodbath!  Communism ALWAYS produces mass murder!  Communism has murdered well over a hundred million people!  And that’s not counting any deaths in wars!  That’s just in their purges!  That’s just the people they killed going house to house killing people!  Communism ALWAYS produces mass murder because communism is INHERENTLY violent!  Communism is based ENTIRELY on the violation of human rights!

But what about “sharing?”  What about “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”?  That slogan is NOT a noble ideal!  It is a false promise!  It assumes the right of a few to coerce the many!  At first glance it might sound charitable.  It is not!  Charity is the VOLUNTARY giving of one’s production to help another.  Communism is NOT giving, it is TAKING!  Communism is the OPPOSITE of charity!  Communism is THEFT! 

Communism not only steals from the people, it rationalizes the theft by claiming that the goods already belong to the recipient!  If the person who produces the goods has no right to them as communism claims, then how can someone else who has done nothing to produce the goods have a right to them?  Communism says they do!  This is obviously false!  Communism is INTELLECTUALLY bankrupt as well as being completely evil all the way to its core!

Communism truly is a “sad, bizarre chapter in human history whose final pages are now being written” as Reagan said.  Communism is NOT progress!  It is a REGRESSION of humanity backward to their lower, animal urges!  Communism is a degeneration of humanity backward into brute beasts stealing from one another!

What about “democratic socialism”?  Wouldn’t that be better?  At least people get to vote about it!  No, democratic socialism is also a sham.  It is still a violation of basic human rights!  If a majority of people vote to violate your rights, they are violating your rights just as much as if a single thug violates them!  Besides, in “democratic socialism” the minds of the majority are largely controlled by a small cabal who controls what the media tell them.

Most societies today that are called democracies are actually controlled by a surprisingly small number of people.  There are six main institutions that control society.  Three of them – media, education, and religion – control what people think.  The other three – government, finance, and business – control what people do.  (Medicine is a part of business – a very key part of it.  Government wants to control medicine because their animal urge to dominate extends even to your internal organs!)  Once you start tracing out the connections, you find that ALL SIX institutions are largely controlled by a rather small group of people.  Those people are found mainly in finance.  Money controls everything.  How do you think those billionaires got a trillion dollar bailout at your expense?

“Democracy” is still a violation of your rights!  Only freedom, not democracy, brings anything near true justice!  Only freedom allows people to try whatever they choose and reap the rewards or consequences of their choices!  Only freedom empowers EVERY brain in society to participate in the running of the society.  Democracy does not!  If you’re in the minority, you’re disenfranchised! 

A free market is the ultimate form of democracy!  A free market allows EVERYONE to participate!  “Democracy” does not!  Capitalism is NOT the free-for-all!  Socialism is!  Capitalism RESPECTS people’s rights!  “Democracy” forces everyone to obey the shrewdest manipulators.  “But aren’t many heads smarter than one?”  Not always!  In democracy, the average usually prevails.  In freedom, the excellent few are allowed to make their creations available to everyone.

Some might ask, “What about monopolies?  Or what about when a few companies control the market?”  If a few companies control a market, it is not a free market!  For decades, a few auto companies controlled the market.  And they bribed the government to pass heavy regulations for “safety” and “the environment.”  Publicly, the companies protested the regulations.  But privately, they celebrated them, because they kept small competitors from popping up.  That’s an example of a business-government partnership that oppressed the people.  It’s almost as bad as a total government monopoly.  It was corrupt.  It was unlawful.  It was an abuse of government power.  A government that stayed within its lawful limits would not have committed such an abuse.  It would have allowed the consumers to have the improved products that new competitors would have produced.

Capitalism is a LAWFUL system.  Democracy is mob rule.  In capitalism, one gets paid only when they have satisfied the desires of another.  Democracy FORCES you to pay for what the government wants, whether you want it or not!  Capitalism RESTRAINS coercion.  Democracy PRACTICES it!

Power and wealth should be distributed as widely as possible.  Most important is the power to keep your own wealth.  Private property is an absolute right!  Government cannot grant or take away any right, it can only respect or violate it!  And nobody has the right to force someone to provide a service to them!  You have the right to what YOU produce!  Not somebody else!

One might argue that capitalism fulfills the desires of those who have money, but ignores those who don’t.  Experience shows that it is socialism that leaves FAR more needs and desires unmet!  Socialism does not enable the meeting of needs anywhere near as much as it RESTRAINS the meeting of needs!  Socialism forces everyone to rely on a single source for each need.  If that source fails, you’re out of luck.  Capitalism, however, allows an unlimited number of providers to exist!

Adam Smith (the one who wrote “Wealth Of Nations”) did not create the rules of capitalism, he discovered them.  The rules of capitalism are not LIKE laws of nature, they ARE laws of nature!  The law of supply and demand cannot be repealed any more than the law of gravity!  Society can heed it and prosper, or ignore it and suffer the consequences!  But no one can EVER abolish the law of supply and demand!

Capitalism also allows an unlimited number of employers to exist.  Smart capitalists know that people without money might be of little use as customers, but they are a great resource as workers!  And once they become employed, they soon will have some money!  And will become valued as customers!

One might argue that, in the real world, a person needs a home before he can get a job, but cannot afford a home until after the gets a job.  That is true.  But means for taking care of that need do exist.  That duty falls primarily upon the person’s family.  If the family fails (as many do) other means exist, such as churches or other charities.

Libertarians are not opposed to people getting the help they need, they are opposed only to government forcing others to pay for it!  Libertarians are great advocates, and often practitioners, of PRIVATE charity.  VOLUNTARILY helping the needy absolutely IS a good thing to do!  Socialism eliminates much of the opportunity for such noble behavior, and erases from the mind of the recipient any appreciation for any favors bestowed.  Thus, socialism is a huge DESTROYER of culture and civilization.

Studies have found that conservative people tend to donate to charities that provide real help to actual needy people, while liberals tend to donate to symphonies and ballets and such like.  That is, conservatives tend to support real charity, while liberals tend to support what are actually their hobbies.  It’s not really charity, it’s just a way to get a tax break in funding their hobbies!  Often, the donation is mainly a status symbol.  “Look at me!  Look how much I’m giving!  Look how great I am!”  That’s not charity!  That’s self-aggrandizement!

Also, the IRS reports that the sum total of donations received by all registered charities is DOUBLE the amount of the sum total of all charitable deductions claimed on tax returns.  Half of the donations going to registered charities are not even claimed as deductions on tax returns!  There really is a lot of charity going on!

Of all the things one might do with “surplus” money (“discretionary income” or “disposable wealth”) the one thing that is probably the most beneficial to society is to INVEST the money in ways that create new products and new jobs (as opposed to simply playing numbers games in the markets.)  Those who do have more money than they need to live on have much opportunity to make life much better for EVERYONE!

And it really is worthwhile doing such wise things with money.  Extravagant living can provide only limited pleasure, but wise investing and giving can keep the world from destroying you.  (This section is especially for the wealthy.)  If the wealthy spend all their money on extravagant living, the problems of society will fester and grow, and charlatans (socialists) will exploit the people’s neediness and organize them (community organizers) into a force that will destroy civilization!  They will fundamentally change society from a civilized, lawful society into a totalitarian nightmare!

You wealthy people are the front line of defense against all the evils of socialism described in this article!  You NEED to invest in new jobs and donate to sound charities – not just to make yourself feel good, but to save your own skin!  You have the most to lose!  When society falls for the propaganda of “change,” YOU are their main target!  It’s happened in one country after another: they will kill you!

If you do not help build the economy and support sound charity, the problems that would have been solved will grow.  Politicians will exploit the problems and impose government “solutions” that don’t solve the problems, but make the sufferers permanently dependent on government!  Socialists are “for poor people” the same way a drug dealer is “for the addict.”  He’s not for the addict, he’s for the addiction!  Socialists are NOT for poor people, they are for POVERTY!  They perpetuate the poverty so they can exploit it, solely to keep themselves in power!  Their goal is driven by their basic animal urge to dominate!

That is why socialists hate the Bible.  They either ban it or pervert it by misquoting or misapplying it.  The Bible commands that we all control the basic animal urges (lust, greed, and pride) that are the driving force behind the socialists’ goals.

Socialists promote lust through their almost complete control of the entertainment media.  (Socialists own Hollywood.  Libertarians need not apply.)  Socialists promote lust because they want to create millions of single mothers who depend on government for their sustenance.  And the children of those single mothers will mindlessly support the socialists because they’ve never known anything else!

Socialists promote greed (materialism, slavery to fashion) to get everyone to be slaves of debt.  They claim that you keeping what you earn is “greed,” but them taking it from you is “charity.” 

Socialism is all based on their pride – their baseless assumption that they are somehow better than all other humans and are therefore entitled to manage them “for their own good.”  It is socialism that is based entirely on humanity’s lower, animal urges.  It also plays on those urges to ensnare everyone into their schemes of enslavement.

Animals driven by those urges eventually can only end up tearing one another apart.  As weapons become more and more powerful (nuclear, biological, chemical), sooner or later, a global socialist society is bound to eventually end up under the power of an ultimate megalomaniac – one who really would kill every last person on earth!

This must NEVER be allowed to happen!  We need to be protected from it not just by one last line of defense, but by as many lines of defense as possible!  Power must NEVER be allowed to be concentrated in a global government!  Power in each country must never be allowed to be concentrated in a single person!  Power must ALWAYS be distributed AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE!  Every person on Earth has the RIGHT to be the master of their own realm!  We must ALWAYS defend that right!

Sometimes that takes courage.  Sometimes one must stand alone against injustice.  And sometimes you have an opportunity to stand with someone so courageous.  It is truly sickening when one person has the courage to stand alone, and many others, even though they know better, refuse to show the much smaller courage it takes to stand with him.

“I don’t want to make waves” is the lame excuse given by the disgusting cowards who side with evil by refusing to stand for good.  “I just want to fit in” is the very thing that enables horrific monsters like Stalin and Mao and Hitler to gain power!  People who want to avoid loss, or even worse, think they can advance themselves by supporting evil, end up arranging their own destruction!  Benjamin Franklin said it well in 1776: “If we do not all hang together, we shall surely all hang separately!”

Sometimes there is a time to lie low.  Sometimes you may have opportunity to give help secretly when giving support openly would cost you everything you have.  Just be sure that you’re giving help to the right side whenever possible, in whatever way possible.

America’s founders laid out the only moral system of government in the world.  All of the other governments were based on who was shrewd and ruthless enough to outmaneuver their competitors.  The American government was based solely on protecting people’s rights.

Today, much of the American government is based on using perverted ideas of rights as an excuse to violate actual rights.  To say that someone has a right to receive a product or service is to say that he has the right to FORCE someone else to provide it.  This sort of abuse is NOT Americanism!  It is exactly the sort of abuse the Constitution was written to prevent!  The Tenth Amendment is absolutely clear: if the Constitution does not say the government may do a given thing, then the government may NOT do it!

James Madison left us with a great quotation on the subject:  “It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties.  We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of citizens and one of the noblest characteristics of the late revolution.  The freemen of America did not wait until usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise and had entangled the question in precedents.  They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle.”  – James Madison

America’s founders did not write the Constitution as a “grand experiment” as is taught in some schools.  The founders were all well educated.  They knew history.  They knew what had always worked, and rejected what had always failed.  Plus, they’d had 150 years of experience with state constitutions.

But most of all they had the eternal principles from the Bible.  Theft is theft!  Whether an individual does it or a majority votes to do it, it is still theft!  These principles are as unchanging as the laws of nature.  They will NEVER become obsolete!  A society that ignores the laws of nature (that is, a socialist society) cannot escape the consequences any more than a person who ignores the law of gravity.  Just like that ignorant person, the socialists are marching us right off a cliff!  Socialism ALWAYS produces bad results because socialism is built on bad principle!

The USA as designed by its founders IS the pinnacle of civilization!  Freedom is better than socialism in EVERY way!  It is morally superior and it always produces the best results – the most prosperity and the least suffering.  Freedom is based on true enlightenment.  Socialism is based entirely on animal urges.  The right choice is as clear as any choice could ever be!  Up to heavens more incredible than anyone can imagine!  Or down to a pit of torture and death and even extinction!


Pep rally bars support

Whoever heard of a pep rally barring a sign that supports the cause?  Well, now you have!  The Dayton Region Pep Rally at UD Arena on November 17 did not allow the following sign to be brought in:



 Conspicuously absent at the pep rally was any mention of manufacturing.  Considering that “advanced materials and manufacturing” is one of Dayton Development Coalition’s “focus areas,” you would expect it to be featured.

 The Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Show ( last month was, as always, a DAZZLING display of capability!  The Dayton area has the ability to make ANYTHING!  If you can imagine it, Dayton can produce it!

 Dayton’s business “leaders” are ignoring Dayton’s best asset!  The most attractive thing to creators of new products is the ability to get it into production!  Dayton is clearly in the top ten in the WORLD in that capability!

 Dayton didn’t just make auto parts.  Dayton made the machines that made the autos!  Detroit could never have been what it was without Dayton!

 This same capability can be applied to ANY industry!  ANY new product needs to be made by the sort of machines that Dayton builds.

 Numerous conversations at the Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Show revealed widespread dissatisfaction by company owners with the fact that Dayton’s business “leaders” are ignoring the manufacturing sector.  This neglect is especially bad because Dayton’s manufacturing ability can create MANY new ENTIRE INDUSTRIES!

 Manufacturing might be “out of fashion” now, but it certainly is not dead!  As the dollar continues to decline, the USA is once again becoming the low cost source for manufactured goods.  Also, rising fuel prices are already causing manufacturing to come back from Mexico.  It’s getting expensive to ship goods all the way from Chihuahua!

 Dayton’s manufacturing ability is the “master key” that can unlock the future economy of not just Dayton, but the whole country!  There are HUNDREDS of products (not just technology that could be adapted for commercial use – actual commercial products) waiting to go!  DDC needs to stop holding up the works!  Or other cities will reap Dayton’s future!

 Or maybe private investors could step up and break the logjam.  It’s funny how some people will donate millions for philanthropy, but will not risk one penny on a business venture that is not absolutely guaranteed, even though investing in job creation is probably the most beneficial thing one can do for society with one’s money!  Plus, even if the investment IS a loss, the tax deduction is just as great as if the money was donated to a registered charity.

 Investing in job creation is probably the best form of philanthropy, plus it can provide HUGE returns on the investment!  A century ago, it was fairly common.  Today, the business schools have “educated” that idea out of everyone.

 And about the sign: I parked near a gate and put the sign in the windshield so people could see it as they drove off.  Not as many got to see it, but at least some did.

 Jeff Putman

Professional Engineer