See Video of Each Kettering City Council Candidate — Speaking At LWV Community Meeting

At the League of Women Voters Community Meeting this evening, October 28, held at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, in Kettering, Ohio, there were about 40 people in attendance. Each of the six candidates took turns answering questions. I took my video camera and sat in the first row.

I decided to post on You-tube the concluding statement of each candidate. Dealing with video is very time consuming and after posting the concluding statement of five of the candidates, I realized that Frank Spolrich’s concluding statement was missing. Yikes. Evidently, I failed to push the record button during his last speech. So, five of the videos listed below are the concluding statements, but Mr. Spolrich’s is his opening statement.

These videos are posted on a new web-site, I hope to develop this web-site as a community resource, starting with Kettering, but, with the thought that if it is successful in Kettering it might expand to other communities as well. My goal is that CitizensTogether will become the voice of a nonpartisan web-based community dedicated to the vitalization of our democracy, dedicated to providing transparency to government. I’ll write more about CitizensTogether in a later post.

These videos are from a hand held camera — I did use the stabilization feature of the iMac, but still they are a little shaky and erratic. Next time, I think I’ll invest in a small tripod of some kind. I’m just learning to do this.

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