Maps Show — Precincts With Lots Of Dems Will Have No Representation At The MCDP Reorganization Meeting


Of the total 360 precincts in the county, only 132 precincts (37%) — shown in yellow — are participating in the May 4 Democratic Primary to elect a member of the MCDP Central Committee. The first task of these elected members will be to act as a voting delegate to the reorganization meeting where the leaders and the direction of the party for the next four years will be determined.

The map shows that many of the 228 precincts without a candidate — shown in shades of blue — have a lot of Democrats. One question the party needs to address is why the suburbs, where many of Democrats live, there has been little effort or success in meaningfully organizing the local party.  If you click on the map it will enlarge to reveal the name of each precinct.


According to the board of elections, Montgomery County has 33,265 registered Democrats and most of these vote in Democratic primaries. The above map is the same as the first map, minus the yellow indicator of precincts with candidates. It shows each of Montgomery County’s 360 precincts and shows by color how many Democrats live in each precinct. If you click on the map it will enlarge to reveal the name of each precinct.


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