What a sweetheart Sarah Palin seems to be — pretty, vivacious, and, she knows how to handle a gun.  It’s easy to see how she has been popular her whole life.  I imagine that in high school she was often the center of attention, the “barracuda” of her high school girl’s basketball team, “Miss Congeniality” at the beauty contest.  Who wouldn’t vote for such a girl?

She now has risen to dizzying heights on the national stage.  And the question is, has she risen way beyond her level of competence?  Is she ready to take control of the launch codes of our nuclear arsenal?

The Peter Principle was a book published in 1968 that made the observation that often in an organization, people rise to a “level of their incompetence.”  You’ve got to wonder if, in Sarah Palin, we are seeing the Peter Principle in action.

I’ve been watching some of the Katie Couric interviews with Sarah Palin.  They are almost painful to watch.  In this video, Couric questions Palin about her reading habits, and asks, “When it comes to establishing your world view, I am curious what newspapers and magazines you regularly read before you were tapped …”

And here Couric starts her question to Palin with the comment, “You’ve cited the proximity of Russia as part of your foreign experience ….”

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