Boehner: Election Did Not Repudiate Conservatism, Republicans Must Return To Roots

John Boehner, Republican House Leader, writing in the Washington Post today, said “Some Democrats and pundits may want to read Tuesday’s results as a repudiation of conservatism … I don’t see it that way.” He said Democratic victories in the election “was neither a referendum in favor of the left’s approach to key issues nor a mandate for big government.”

”America is still a center-right country,” Boehner said, “Americans did not vote for higher taxes to fund a redistribution of wealth; drastic cuts in funding for our troops; the end of secret ballots for workers participating in union elections; more costly obstacles to American energy production; or the imposition of government-run health care on employers and working families.”

Boehner pledged that Republicans would resist actions in Congress that violate their principles. He said, “I wasn’t born a Republican. I grew up outside Cincinnati as one of 12 children. Our dad ran a bar. I became a Republican because I believe that if you work hard and believe in yourself, there is nothing you can’t achieve. That’s the American dream. And I look forward to leading Republicans in fighting for it. If we return to our roots, to our belief in freedom, opportunity, security and individual liberty, our party will come back stronger than eve

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