The Dayton Daily News Criticises “Lackluster” Dems — Endorses Victor Harris for March 4 Democratic Primary

The Dayton Daily News today in an article entitled, “Our Recommendation: Harris offers Democrats much needed life,” endorsed Victor Harris as their choice for Democratic candidate for the 40th District Ohio House seat. The primary to determine who will represent Democrats in the 40th District is March 4. Roland Winburn is also seeking the Democrats’ nomination.

Particularly significant about the DDN’s endorsement of Harris is the fact that Harris is not the officially endorsed candidate of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. Winburn was officially endorsed by the Montgomery County Democratic Party and, at the time, the Democratic Party discouraged Harris from filing to run. But Harris decided to buck the party and decided to file regardless that he did not have official party support.

Fred Strahorn is the current representative for the 40th District who is retiring because of term limit laws. Strahorn, in support of the Montgomery County Democratic Party’s endorsement of Winburn, authored a recommendation for Winburn that was also printed in today’s DDN.

The DDN, in their endorsement of Harris, indirectly took a swipe at Strahorn, saying that current Montgomery County Democratic lawmakers have a “lackluster, uninspiring image and performance.”

The DDN said, “Victor Harris is the kind of candidate Democratic voters should be encouraging and advancing in local politics… You can’t sit with Mr. Harris without getting the sense that he would stir things up in Columbus — in positive ways — and would go through a wall for the people of the 40th House District.”

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2 Responses to The Dayton Daily News Criticises “Lackluster” Dems — Endorses Victor Harris for March 4 Democratic Primary

  1. David Esrati says:

    Maybe if the Montgomery County Dems would do their screening in public-
    instead of behind closed doors, they may have come to the same conclusion: Harris is a great candidate and they should have been doing everything they could to encourage him to run and let the voters decide in the primary.
    The party should stop endorsing in the primaries, or at least wait until after the filing deadline.

  2. T. Ruddick says:

    This is the great shortcoming that will ultimately prevent the Dems from maintaining their advantage. When the Reps go on the ascendant again, if Mark Owens wants to talk to someone who predicted it, he knows who to call.

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