Guy Fogle’s Life Story — Overcoming Adversity Of Cancer, Bankruptcy — Might Help Him Gain Votes

I started feeling sorry for Guy Fogle when I read the DDN article today, “Area candidate, ex-TV broadcaster owes $8K in child support.” Fogle, along with David Esrati and Joe Roberts, is seeking the Democratic nomination to be the party’s candidate for Congress, 3rd District, running against incumbent Republican Mike Turner.  And so, as a reward for his effort, in the DDN, today, his problems and failures are in headlines for everyone to see.

But, now I’m thinking, maybe the attention to Fogle’s financial problems, pointed out in this DDN article, in fact, might turn out to be a positive for Fogle’s congressional race.  I need more information and it is my intention to interview and write articles about Fogle and about each of the candidates.

The DDN wrote:  “Guy Fogle, the former local television sportscaster turned congressional candidate, owes $8,300 in back child support, according to an affidavit his ex-wife filed in May.  Debra D. Juniewicz filed the affidavit May 14, along with a motion filed by a staff attorney with the Montgomery County Child Support Enforcement Agency. That same day, county Domestic Relations Judge Denise Cross found there was probable cause that Fogle was in contempt of court and set a July 22 hearing.”

David Esrati in his post today, “The wrong way to vet candidates,” described the DDN article as a “hatchet job.” But, it seems to me that the DDN writer, Lou Grieco, in writing about Fogle’s financial problems, including his bankruptcy, made an effort to be fair.

The DDN reports,

“Fogle said Monday, June 14, that those problems, which started when he developed testicular cancer in 1998 and continued through bouts of unemployment, are one of the reasons he is running. ‘There have been times that I’ve lived in a car,’ Fogle said. ‘I’m not backing away from what happened to me.’”

Fogle said he had trouble paying his bills, including child support, because of continuing problems. His cancer, which started when he was a full-time employee at WDTN-2 and working as a schoolteacher, spread to his lungs, his lymph nodes and his renal artery. Though he had insurance, it covered about 75 percent of total costs, leaving him with six-figure bills, Fogle said.

He has also gone through periods of unemployment or underemployment, he said. Because he has not had health insurance, he has not been able to go in for routine testing recommended for cancer survivors, he said. Fogle said he believes people will understand his story because so many people now know what it’s like to have to make difficult decisions about what to pay: the mortgage or the medical bill?

Esrati predicts, that because of his financial plight, “Fogle will not be taken seriously by anyone, especially Turner.”  Says, Esrati, “His (Fogle’s) campaign is toast.”

But maybe not.  The headline for Fogle’s web-site, I think, is telling.  The headline is a  play on Fogle’s first name:  “A regular Guy for Congress.”

Who couldn’t imagine it happening to one’s self — a nightmare scenario of cancer and huge bills that keep mounting up?

Guy Fogle’s life experiences, and the attitude and perspective he gained from those experiences, in my thinking, could communicate a life story and point of view that could empower him to be a very effective Representative for the 3rd District.

Fogle’s problems certainly give him a unique perspective and his life story and his determination to overcome, I can see, may work enormously in his favor.  Don’t Democrats love underdogs? Don’t Democrats love those who work hard to overcome?

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  1. Spritzler says:

    I heard Fogle speak a few weeks ago in West Carrollton where I live. He was genuine, knowledgeable, and inspiring. I now work in Piqua and heard he works up here in the area. When I googled him, your article came up. I would like to see an update on his life. I liked him on tv. Didn’t care so much for him after the Dayton news article ran but after hearing him talk, I think he is amazing. Anyway, thought I’d suggest it. I’ve browsed your site and enjoy the thoroughness of your effort.

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