The new MCDP Executive Director, Kurt Hatcher

Mark Owens, MCDP Chairperson, has named Kurt Hatcher to be the new MCDP Executive Director. This is a paid position, but is not full time. Kurt is replacing Sarah Greathouse. Kurt was the campaign manager for Scott Dickerson in the OHD-42 contest that re-elected Republican Niraj Antani.

Kurt —

Congratulations for being named as Executive Director for the MCDP. I am pulling for you to a successful director. As a member of the Central Committee who is concerned about the disorder of the January 17 Central Committee meeting, I am requesting that you address the following:

  • Central Committee members should be given advance notice of each meeting with agenda.
  • There should be a requirement and a procedure for all attending Central Committee members to sign in.
  • In Central Committee meetings, Central Committee members should sit together in a more condensed setting as an identifiable group — and non-members would sit in a designated adjacent area.

In addition,

  • Minutes should be taken at each Central Committee meeting and each member should be provided with a copy of these minutes within a reasonable time.
  • The minutes of the meeting should include the names of the members who are present at the meeting.
  • A registry of the Central Committee — showing the precinct along with contact information for each member — should be provided to each Central Committee member, in either a paper or electronic copy, according to his or her preference.
  • This registry should include the job description of each elected officer, the Executive Director. It should include a list of members of committees should include a statement of each committee chairperson.

Another area that I hope you will address is the fact that the MCDP website seems in complete disuse. Anyone visiting the site would think that the MCDP is a pretty lame organization.  Everything is out of date. The new MCDP Constitution, for example, that was approved in June 2018 has never been posted. There is no invitation to make comments or to dialogue. I hope you will develop a 21st century vision of a transformed MCDP web-site.

I’m betting that will make a big effort to bring big improvements to the MCDP. There is lots to do. Two areas of focus that I am suggestion that you address are: 1) Empowering each member of the Central Committee to be effective and 2) Transforming the MCDP website into a website Democrats can be proud of.

Thank you. Sincerely,  Mike Bock, Kettering 4-J