During 3rd Congressional Democratic Primary — Let’s Structure Lincoln Douglas Type Discussions

This could be fun.  See:  Special Democratic Primary — July 13 — Could Give Big Boost To Montgomery County Democrats

It looks like three articulate, thoughtful, and qualified Montgomery County Democrats will have a 30 day campaign to see who of the three should become nominated as the Democratic candidate seeking election to Congress representing Ohio’s 3rd District.

David Esrati reports that three Democrats have filed petitions — David Esrati, Guy N. Fogle 10484 South Union Rd., Dayton, 45342, and Joe Roberts 308 E. Dorothy Lane, Dayton, 45419 — and today at the BOE meeting at 1:00 PM, these petitions will either be verified or denied.

Almost two years ago, I wrote, Let’s Bring Back Lincoln Douglas Style Debates To Today’s Campaigns, and I’m thinking that these candidates could be confident in such a setting. This 30 day campaign period gives a great opportunity to develop this type of in-depth discussion.  I think if we can structure and then advertise events that sound interesting, we might be able to engage a lot of grass roots Democrats into getting interested in the 3rd Congressional race.  And advertising Lincoln Douglas type events could attract interest, of course, so would, “Free Beer.”  We need to find a way to ignite interest.

I’m working out a format for a Lincoln Douglas type meting, and will discuss this general idea with each of the candidates.  I will report back.

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  1. nightfly says:

    Personally, I think a Forum Boarium would be a more interesting style. This style in the past has “…provided their sponsors with extravagantly expensive but effective opportunities for self-promotion while offering cheap, exciting entertainment to their clients.” I think this would be a much livelier event, as it usually involves “… three gladiator pairs fight(ing) to the death” Think how catchy your ads could be: “FREE BEER!/FIGHT TO THE DEATH!” Just some food for thought ;=)

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