See Video Of Entire LWV Debate — Esrati, Fogle, Roberts — For Democratic Nomination For Congress, Ohio’s 3rd District

David Esrati has posted on his web-site a you-tube video showing of the whole League of Women Voters candidate debate.  The video lasts one hour and 32 minutes.

The debate occurred on June 30 and was held at the Democratic Party Headquarters in downtown Dayton. The debate features Esrati and Guy Fogle and Joe Roberts.  The three are vying to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for Congress for Ohio’s 3rd District in the July 13 special Democratic Primary.  The winner will opposed the incumbent, Republican Mike Turner, in the November general election.

Creating this video and preparing it for You-tube was a big commitment of time and effort on Esrati’s part, and it begins with a written message:  “Only one candidate puts the whole story online.  He’ll do the same when he is your Congressman.”

I made a post about the debate — At LWV Debate, Three 3rd District Democratic Candidates Seek Support to Challenge Turner — and I intend on watching the video carefully later this evening and making another post about its content.

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