The Montgomery County Democratic Party At June 27 Meeting Will Vote On Four Possible Changes To The MCDP Constitution

At the June 27 meeting of the MCDP Central Committee, members will vote on the following changes to the MCDP Constitution:

  1. Minutes of Central Committee meetings shall include a record of all members in attendance at the meeting and shall identify the precinct that each attending member represents.
  2. Each Central Committee meeting will include a review of the minutes of the previous meeting for changes and approval by vote of the Committee.
  3. Each Central Committee meeting will include a Treasurer’s report.
  4. Each calendar year, the Central Committee will discuss, vote on changes, and approve the MCDP budget for that year.

Changes to the MCDP Constitution require that two-thirds of those Central Committee members who are voting agree to the changes.

Prior to the vote on the changes to the MCDP Constitution will be a motion for transparency. The motion will be to make a record of each member’s vote on each proposed constitutional change. This motion for transparency will require simply a majority of those voting for its passage. If a majority of the Central Committee vote for transparency, then each Central Committee member’s vote on each change will be recorded. Each Committee member will record his or her vote on a ballot along with his or her signature. The minutes of the June 27 meeting, then, will include a record of each Central Committee member’s vote on each proposed change.


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