Summit County Republican Wants Strickland’s Job

Republican Kevin Coughlin, of Summit County, has announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for the office of Governor of Ohio. Coughlin has been a state senator since 2001. He is 37 years old.

Couglin has made clear that he thinks Governor Strickland’s new education proposals make him vulnerable. This is what Couglin said about the education portion of Strickland’s State of the State speech:

“The curriculum and teacher improvement proposals represent nothing new. No indication was given as to how all day kindergarten would be paid for. And the sole offering on school funding was a proposal that will have absolutely no benefit to property taxpayers. In fact, under the Strickland proposal, homeowners will pay more as their property taxes are raised without a vote of the people. In addition, the proposal will widen the disparity between the rich and poor school districts, something we have worked hard to erase.

“Ohio’s families are already paying too much for everything. The last thing they need is Ted Strickland and school districts rummaging through their pockets for more money.”


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  • You should mention that a majority of Ohioans disagree with Coughlin. That Coughlin is a virtual unknown in Ohio who polls a distant third among likely Republican voters in a hypothetical three-way GOP primary with Kasich and DeWine. You should mention that Strickland crushes DeWine and Kasich in a head to head in margins exceeding how he beat Blackwell. You should mention that since announcing his education plan, Strickland has seen a surge in his approval and favorability ratings into the 60s.

    You should mention that Coughlin improperly used his taxpayer-provided officespace for political purposes when he used it to film his announcement for candidate of Governor.

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