Love Is A Song That Never Ends

My nephew David made this impressive sand castle this past week — spent most of a day working on it to the delight of his nephews and nieces. I’ve going to post all of my photos on Flickr, if I can figure out how.

David, with the castle

David, with the castle

By the next morning, the castle was gone, the sand where the castle stood was smooth, as if it had never been. Just one year ago, I wrote, “Thoughts Occasioned By The Death Of Tim Russert” and yesterday “Meet The Press” devoted considerably air time to commemorate Tim.

I was thinking about my brother-in-law, Jimmy Dunaway. It’s just hard to believe that he is gone. I was at Lakeside, Ohio for the Methodist Church Conference with my sister Carole, two of my nephews and their families and Patty Matthews, pastor of the Farmersville Methodist Church, and her family. What a nice time. But, we all missed Jimmy Dunaway this year. Jimmy, my brother-in-law, served as a Methodist preacher for about fifty years, most recently at Centerville Methodist, and every year at this time came to Lakeside. Jimmy passed away on April 20.

At supper, each evening, before eating, the group formed a circle, held hands, and said a prayer, with the children encouraged to participate. One eight year old, with the appropriate name, “Sage,” one evening said he would like to sing a song and when he started, his younger brother joined in — two sweet voices.

Sage later said he learned the song at school and now, with the help of Google, I see it is from the Disney movie, “Bambi.”

Love is a song that never ends
Life may be swift and fleeting
Hope may die yet love’s beautiful music
Comes each day like the dawn

Love is a song that never ends
One simple theme repeating
Like the voice of a heavenly choir
Love’s sweet music flows on


Sage, Kate, Grace, David, and Ike

Sage, Kate, Grace, David, and Ike


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  • Bret Johnson

    What a nice story! I am spending the summer at Lakeside this year and know how it is a wonderful place for memories. I’m glad it was that way for you, as well.

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