Bush’s Budget Director — Claiming U.S. Health Care Is Best in World — Cuts Medicare and Medicaid

Interesting article in Think Progress includes a video clip of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director Jim Nussle telling how great the U.S. health care system is. Nussle says, in defending budgeting less money for Medicare and Medicaid, “Beneficiaries, I don’t think, will see the differences. … We have the best health care in the world. And our seniors especially get great health care. And that will not be affected by this small drop in percentage increases over the next five years.”

But Think Progress points out that according to the World Health Organization the United States is ranked only 37th in health care out of 191 countries. The WHO report, “WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ASSESSES THE WORLD’S HEALTH SYSTEMS,” is here.

The proposed Bush budget cuts Medicare and Medicaid by $200 billion over the next five years.

From Think Progress


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