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Recruiting young people

It’s been noticed that there aren’t many young people at the Tea Party meetings. That’s a bit odd, since young people have the most to lose! Problem is, most of them have been brainwashed by the de-education system. They’re not just not allowed to think for themselves, they’re being rendered UNABLE to think for themselves! They’ve been trained to just mindlessly follow the herd.

Here’s an article that might help. It’s designed to be printed out and given to friends at school (not during class, of course!) or sent to them online.

Young People Have The Most To Lose

Do you ever get the vague feeling that the public schools are manipulating you? That’s because they are!

It goes FAR beyond them just forcing you to attend! It goes into WHAT they teach you, and what they DON’T teach you!

The public schools were designed right from the start to NOT give you a complete education! “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto describes it all in detail. (You can Google the book title or the author name to find the info.)

The schools were designed right from the beginning to NOT teach you your rights in the Constitution! NOT teach you how to be self-sufficient so you can be ABLE to live free! NOT teach you how to think critically so you can see how MUCH the politicians are manipulating you!

Instead, the schools teach you to just blindly follow the crowd, and blindly follow the “experts” (of course THEY tell you who the experts are!) They teach you to NOT think for yourself!

The teacher’s union enforces the policy. The union pressures the teachers to teach you to blindly support socialist politicians. In return, the socialist politicians reward the union with higher pay, job security, and creating lots of cushy jobs in the education bureaucracy.

Public schools are a DEHUMANIZING institution! They were designed to be! They teach you to just blindly do as you’re told, like you’re just a bunch of sheep or cattle! They teach you to NOT use your UNIQUELY HUMAN power of reasoning!

They teach you to NOT to be the greatest person you can be! Instead, they teach you just enough to be able to do as you’re told, and not even think to ask if you might be capable of anything better!

They teach you to be prejudiced and hateful! They teach you to attack anyone who does not conform to the crowd, which they manipulate! They slander freedom of thought as “hate speech.” They teach you to hate anything old, as if new things are always better.

They teach you to hate American traditions. Traditional American values really ARE “the wisdom of the ages.” When America’s founders designed our government, they were not just making up some grand experiment. They were all well educated; they drew from the experience of thousands of years of history. They included the principles that always work, and they rejected the principles the leftists are ramming down our throats today. It’s all been tried before! It ALWAYS fails!

Public schools deliberately DON’T educate you! They INDOCTRINATE you! They teach you to ignore your parents and your grandparents. That’s because they’ve seen it all before! Your parents and your grandparents know that “change” is really just the same old thing all over again! Only worse!

They can’t fool your grandparents anymore! So they try to fool you! Don’t let them win! Don’t just blindly believe everything they tell you! THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Read good books and articles! Get for yourself the good education the public schools DON’T want you to have!

There are MANY thousands of websites with enormous amounts of free reading material to make you smart. You can Google terms like “conservative” “column” “freedom” and “patriot” to find plenty of articles. “Conservative” and “book” will point you to lots of great books. Reading just a few of them will make you FAR smarter than the schools would ever want you to be!

Many great books can be had for free online, or reasonably priced at many bookstores. I highly recommend George Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm.” Also search for articles and discussions about these books. “Animal Farm” is an allegory. Government educated readers might not understand the symbolism.

Education is more valuable than all the bling in the world! Not just to “get a good job,” but to possibly be the OWNER of a business! Not just to be able to do what you’re told, but to rise above having to be told what to do!

The government school system tries to make you think you’re smart, but really they want you brainwashed by their foolishness! Don’t let them play you! You probably shouldn’t argue in class, but you NEED to read on your own! Think for yourself! Learn all the things THEY want to keep from you! Realize your full potential, instead of drifting through life as a mind-numbed drone!

I found a website with some articles about public schools. It’s at:

The second article listed, “America’s Failing Public School System,” was written by Ashley Anderson when she was 16. It’s really excellent. In it she mentions a book by Charlotte Iserbyt called “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”. It gives a detailed account of what really happens in public schools, why, and where the corruption comes from.

There’s also a book by Allan Bloom called “The Closing Of The American Mind.” It’s more about the academic dishonesty practiced in many colleges these days.

I’m sure there are many more sites with similar resources. I just haven’t found them yet. If you find any, please feel free to post links to them in your comments.


21 comments to Recruiting young people

  • rheidler

    My experience has been that young people (at least my age, early 30’s) are getting involved to the extent that we can. The problem is, we work full time jobs and often have young families, so time is limited. But I have noticed that in my group of friends, conservatism seems to be on the rise, taking the form of an embrace of traditional family values, general disgust with the political status quo, and a move from partisanship towards a more libertarian live and let live, small government, maximized personal freedom viewpoint. Now this could just because I hang out with like-minded people, but my gut is that it is bigger than that in the early 30’s crowd.

  • truddick

    Hi Jeff. You certainly have the right to publish a screed that advises young people that the education system is to be resisted, that government is intrinsically evil, and that the noisy tea party crowd is their salvation. My right and responsibility is to point up the irresponsible oversimplification you commit. Do you think that “keep ’em stupid” is visibly the strategy of the extreme right-wing faction?

  • Jeff Putman

    The fact is, “keep ’em stupid” IS the strategy of the LEFT wing faction! That’s the main point of my orginal post. This reminds me of a column Thomas Sowell wrote several years ago. He said that every time he writes about incompetent school teachers, he always gets a bunch of letters from teachers that demonstrate the incompetence! It’s widely observed at colleges everywhere that the education majors tend to be ditzy airheads.

    When I compare everything I learned in public school (1963-75) to what I’ve learned through self-directed exploration, (I spent much of my summer vacations browsing the encyclopedia) it is very obvious that if I had learned ONLY what was taught in public school, I would indeed be stupid! Actually, it wasn’t quite so bad back then, but it was rather mediocre. I was fortunate that most of my elementary school teachers were over fifty, and so had not received as much of a leftist indoctrination as the younger teachers had.

    Public schools have gotten MUCH worse in recent decades. This is well documented in declining SAT scores. There has been some rise in scores recently, but that’s largely due to the TEST being dumbed down! Speaking of test scores, homeschooled students ALWAYS perform a full two grade levels better than their public school counterparts!

    Anyone who has ever spent much time in public school knows what kind of environment it is. Thugs terrorize the population. Achievement and excellence are punished by ostricizing. Conformity is mandatory. A new practice has appeared in recent years: on the first day of school, all the students are told to put all their school supplies into a box at the front of the room, and then the teacher passes out the supplies to everyone. I don’t know how widespread this practice is, but just ONE instance of it is unacceptable!

    I would love to see a website set up where students could go and have laid out before them, course by course, the knowledge that the public schools are withholding from them. The best that can be done now is, when a topic is introduced in school, the student can Google the topic and learn more about it. Trouble is, this approach fails to capture the essential topics that are entirely left out of the curriculum!

  • truddick

    Jeff, if you think Thomas Sowell is a reputable source, then it’s clear that your education has failed you. Since it, by your own account, was a public education in the early ’70s, you confirm my point: “Keep ’em stupid” was a strategy of the right wing, and it’s manifested itself in you. Hope you will continue to educate yourself since that’s what will lead you away from the fringes and toward the centrist position that more educated people generally hold.

  • Dan

    I must say this rant reminds me of Dr. Strangelove and “the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.”

    I would be the first to say that our Public Education system needs reform but I seriously doubt it is some extreme conspiracy to subvert and hoodwink American youth.

    As for tea parties… well remember not all of the founders were anti-federalists or we wouldn’t have our Constitution.

  • rheidler

    truddick provides a great case study in the logic and rationality-defeating anger that drives the left in this country. Much like a child who lashes out simply because he can but has no awareness of why he is doing so, truddick begins with a loaded word- “screed” to describe the initial post about the decline of public schools. This is the rhetorical equivalent of calling somebody a “poopy-head.” As is very typical and quite tiring of the left, he then goes on to attack the initial author personally, being sure to throw in a quick “tea bag” reference to diminish his opponent. Another quintessentially left tactic, driven of anger that their philosophies are wearing out their welcome, is to dispute the validity of scholarly research put forth by reputable people such as Tom Sowell. This amounts to nothing more than a “we’ll have to agree to disagree” statement which is typically offered by the party in the debate who is losing.

  • truddick

    rheidler thinks I’m a leftist. He thus provides more evidence for the validity of social judgment theory; any centrist is a leftist from his distorted right-wing perspective.

    Keep ’em stupid, Heidler, It will help you get others like GW Bush elected. And we all know how his presidency concluded (well, no, some think that Bushco was not responsible for the great recesssion, the loss of the surplus, and the wars without objectives. Maybe you’re one of them.)

  • Jeff Putman

    It’s funny how some people refuse to believe that the public schools were DESIGNED to dumb down the general population, even when we have a book full of quotations by the people who established the system, where they themselves explicitly say that they were doing exactly that!

    It appears to be a variation of Hitler’s “big lie” theory – if you’re going to do something wicked, make it so fantastically wicked that, when it does get exposed, no one will believe that anyone could be THAT wicked!

    I recently found another resource that could help enlighten people. is a summary of Friedrich Hayek’s book “The Road to Serfdom.” Especially interesting is Chapter 10: “Why the Worst Get on Top.” Socialism always ends up with the most cunning, ruthless psychopaths becoming all-powerful because socialism is based entirely on conformity and coercion (just like public schools). The rest of the article is also very worthwhile.

    The rest of his site has other thought-provoking articles. Some of them are quite good, and some of them I question because they tend a bit much toward anarchy. Every reader should always judge carefully anything they read from ANY source.

  • rheidler

    I’ve been skewered! I’m a right-wing extremist because I think the favorite argument style of liberals is ad hominem attacks. Great, now if I just can get the rest of my evil, right-wing agenda of abolishing the estate tax, slashing all marginal tax rates, seeing Ohio become a right-to-work state so more businesses will want to locate in Ohio and thus employ my fellow citizens, the evil pact I made with Darth Sidious and Sauron will be complete. Curse me, Leftists of the world. Condemn me to hell for my selfish right-wing agenda. Maybe while I am at I can make a separate dark pact to help get earmark bans passed, and a comprehensive energy policy that includes using American energy resource, and (gasp) nuke energy, and maybe even term limits. I know, I’ll have to sell my soul to see such ideological ends met.

  • Want to know why? because we were there for Ron Paul’s campaign. old, crusty, unreconstructed neo-confederate racists aren’t cool. work with them up close long enough

    i was 24-25 years old when i ran the dayton ron paul group, we had well over 150 members at one point, and i got sick of the wacko 9/11 zeitgeist loose change intergalactic illuminati reptile conspiracy theorists, the closet racists, and all out weirdos.

    i’m a conservative. liberally so. i don’t believe the lies of any of the main parties. the problem is with the system. i just got sick of the nutbags. and the tea party was this, but worse, and co-opted by republican party offices. so my set (the intelligent, tech savvy crowd) decided to opt out, and the teabaggers are riding the coattails of the innovation we did for the ron paul presidential primary campaign in 2008.

    i want nothing to do with those freaks, i wash my hands of it.

    Palin is their Prophet, and they’re all out on another Children’s Crusade. (google it, people).

    our system of governance is completely broken. trying to get ‘good’ people into those established positions of power will only lead to more of the same. remember the 1994 revolution. all but one or two republicans elected that year completely sold out when it was time to start campaigning for re-election.

    anyway, crazy old people are boring, hence, no kids. the internet is more fun than dealing with the terrible reality that the ‘greatest’ generation and the ‘flower children’ (rich kid pseudo-hippie yuppie sellout corporate fascists) have built around us. it’s a house of dung, and we don’t like the smell.

  • rheidler: read it again. try reading for comprehension. do not assume my post refers to you specifically, i dont know you. do not make the fatal error of assuming other people are like you, or think the way you do.

    i’m probably far more conservative than you. i’m so conservative i think the articles of confederation should have been kept. to quote patrick henry in reference to the constitutional convention of 1787 “i smell a rat in Philadelphia.” i’m so conservative i’m not always sure the revolution was the best idea. after all, it was funded by smugglers, rum runners and slave owners so they wouldn’t have to give the Crown their cut, and as a native of Canada, i have no problem with monarchy as such.


  • rheidler

    Uh, OK. I rest my case.

  • jesse

    the editor…I am interested in your view of Hoppe’s The Political Economy of Monarchy and Democracy.

    Also, by saying that you have “no problem” with monarchy are you intending to indicate that you have no more problem with private ownership of coercion or force than with “public” ownership of coercion or force? Am I also correct in assuming that you want to grant no body the ownership of coercion or force except those people to whom in Naturally belongs, except via express contract?

  • jesse

    In reviewing the posts on this site I am increasingly happy to be posting here.

    How is it that so many people on this site have the basic belief that individuals should be left alone? Is it a fallacy because I am comparing you to truddick (the “centrist”)?

  • jesse: yes.

    i think with someone like you, being vague and cagey is the best policy for a text-based tete-a-tete in the comments section of a blog people with teabaggers who can’t read above a 5th grade level.

  • email me if you have more questions. i haven’t actually read hoppe, only studied under people that know him on a first name basis.

  • jesse


    I am not trying to trap you with that. I think that we understand one another well. I just wanted to confirm my assumptions. I am glad they were confirmed.

  • editor@ dayton daily fail

    ask me anything! i prefer to host intelligent conversations out of the public view, because people read what they want to see, not what’s there right in front of them.

    no reason to throw pearls to people that will pick them up and swallow them.

  • Jeff of Louisville

    Stopping by Dayton OS and I see its been taken over by the RWW crowd. Heh.

  • jesse

    Jeff of Louisville,

    RWW? Does that stand for Right Wing Wacko’s? Who are these right wing people about whom you speak? I love arguing against the right wing because they are just as bad as the left wing. They want to limit freedoms that the left hold sacrosanct…like marriage, free speech, etc. Where are these people so that I may take them apart too?

    By “right wing” do you now mean, “people who argue for liberty?” When did that become the definition of right wing wacko?

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