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Pep rally bars support

Whoever heard of a pep rally barring a sign that supports the cause?  Well, now you have!  The Dayton Region Pep Rally at UD Arena on November 17 did not allow the following sign to be brought in:



 Conspicuously absent at the pep rally was any mention of manufacturing.  Considering that “advanced materials and manufacturing” is one of Dayton Development Coalition’s “focus areas,” you would expect it to be featured.

 The Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Show ( last month was, as always, a DAZZLING display of capability!  The Dayton area has the ability to make ANYTHING!  If you can imagine it, Dayton can produce it!

 Dayton’s business “leaders” are ignoring Dayton’s best asset!  The most attractive thing to creators of new products is the ability to get it into production!  Dayton is clearly in the top ten in the WORLD in that capability!

 Dayton didn’t just make auto parts.  Dayton made the machines that made the autos!  Detroit could never have been what it was without Dayton!

 This same capability can be applied to ANY industry!  ANY new product needs to be made by the sort of machines that Dayton builds.

 Numerous conversations at the Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Show revealed widespread dissatisfaction by company owners with the fact that Dayton’s business “leaders” are ignoring the manufacturing sector.  This neglect is especially bad because Dayton’s manufacturing ability can create MANY new ENTIRE INDUSTRIES!

 Manufacturing might be “out of fashion” now, but it certainly is not dead!  As the dollar continues to decline, the USA is once again becoming the low cost source for manufactured goods.  Also, rising fuel prices are already causing manufacturing to come back from Mexico.  It’s getting expensive to ship goods all the way from Chihuahua!

 Dayton’s manufacturing ability is the “master key” that can unlock the future economy of not just Dayton, but the whole country!  There are HUNDREDS of products (not just technology that could be adapted for commercial use – actual commercial products) waiting to go!  DDC needs to stop holding up the works!  Or other cities will reap Dayton’s future!

 Or maybe private investors could step up and break the logjam.  It’s funny how some people will donate millions for philanthropy, but will not risk one penny on a business venture that is not absolutely guaranteed, even though investing in job creation is probably the most beneficial thing one can do for society with one’s money!  Plus, even if the investment IS a loss, the tax deduction is just as great as if the money was donated to a registered charity.

 Investing in job creation is probably the best form of philanthropy, plus it can provide HUGE returns on the investment!  A century ago, it was fairly common.  Today, the business schools have “educated” that idea out of everyone.

 And about the sign: I parked near a gate and put the sign in the windshield so people could see it as they drove off.  Not as many got to see it, but at least some did.

 Jeff Putman

Professional Engineer



2 comments to Pep rally bars support

  • Mike Bock

    Jeff, I think your sign is great and the ten tips you write about make a lot of sense to me.

    My theme, lately, is that our hope for an improved future is determined by making our system of democracy effective. The fact is, ours is a very weak democracy. Anti-democratic forces have the upper hand. I believe in order for Dayton to make a turn around, we need to vitalize our democracy. I responded to your post “Dayton area doingnothing to njurture our innovators”

  • truddick

    More proof that the people who organized that rally are REALLY STUPID.

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